Help me find best price for IPod please!!

    For my sisters birthday in a few week

    She wants a 4GB Ipod Nano (doesnt mind colour!)

    Retail in most shops for £99.99 but I was wondering if there were any bargain around at the mo?


    ]Play have them for £92.99 delivered plus you'll get 4% Quidco

    ]Dixons have them for £89 incl delivery but may have it cheaper instore if they match their web price excl delivery of £84.05. They also have 3% Quidco for online sales have the 8gig in green for £111.38p and the blue for £112.79 - I would get the 8 gig as they soon fill up esp if you put films or TV shows on them - if you put Scan in as aa search there is a refer how to get free postage if you join there forum - if you have a week or so to spare keep an eye on Scan deal of the day - I have seen the 8gig on offer for as little as £99 - the 4gig is £93.51p
    Also you could try some of the Tesco codes to see if they work on Tesco direct.


    apple mac have them in quite cheap(refurbed 1s)

    for a bit more

    Pcworld sell for £99
    Price match with amazon (take a print out in) £89
    diffrence of £10
    price match promise will bring down to £88

    (alas you will not be able to get the 2.5% quidco, unless anyone else knows better)

    oh yeah and expansys do refurbs at £65 (not sure on delivery


    Apple Ipod 8GB Video Nano Blue - Grade A £99.53 at…348

    i have a 4gb 2nd gen ipod nano and it is great condition comes with everything apart from the actual headphone but i have bought in ear headphones to work with it. It also comes with a speaker system and also a charger and 2 silicone cases clear and black but the only problem is sending these things would cost and arm and a leg so were abouts do you live
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