help me find reeses peanut butter

please please please

where can i buy this from?

i need it in my life


Have you tried the USA?

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well the airfare wouldnt really make it a deal!

i lived on it when i went to vegas - even ordered some on the wynns room service!

Failing that, there's an 'expensive' sweet shop in the Grosvenor centre in Chester - I think they sell it.

By the way - i take it you mean the chocolatey stuff in the little foil cups in the orange wrapper?

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its not the little cups i want - its a jar of peanut butter

the cups are good but only satisfy my craving for about a hour

hmm, in that case - i'm sorry i don't know where you'll get some from!

Lol dad got hooked on reeses peanut butter cups when he was in canada

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well im hooked on the cups - asda sell them so i got a carrier bag full - but there just not giving me my fix!
im going cold turkey

is it really that good?

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dont make me pay a 5er

Where is it a fiver? Have never tried Reeses PB before - but love the cups

I usually buy Skippy PB for Sainsbury's/Costco - mmmmmmm

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on ebay - skippy?

is that good??
reeses peanut butter is saltier - jsut like the filling of the cups

Out of stock ]here:

but you can leave your details and "be alerted when it is back in stock".


Try this website, it seems to have the recipes for making the various Reese items, saves on buying if you can make:…ups (look on right for various different recipes)


Reese cups
Categories: Candy
Yield: 12 Servings
1 Box confectioner's sugar
2 Sticks butter; melted
1 cup Smooth peanut butter
1 pack (8-oz) chocolate chips
¼ Stick paraffin

Combine sugar, butter & peanut butter. Roll into small balls; cool. Dip peanut butter balls into chocolate & paraffin which has been melted together. Let candy cool. MRS DAVID (JANET) BOOTH From the , Fort Bliss Officers Wives Club, Ft. Bliss, TX. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive,

Have you actually tried reeses from the jar before? You do realise it tastes like every other peanut butter right? :shock:

Original Poster

it doesnt

how dare you!
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