help me find t his

    Im looking for info/pictures on this old TV Show

    Im told it was on BBC 2 called "You and Me"
    It had two Characters that I know of called Cosmo & Dibs. Think they may have been bears or something.

    Anyone know where i can find anything bout it. A friend set me the challange

    I can only find a tiny little black and white picture of it


    Is that them???

    I recognise them from primary school!

    Bit of info here:

    If you're the same age as me, you won't consider the Cosmo and Dibs/politically correct/UB40 theme tune era to be the 'real' You and Me. Before 1984 this pre-school series would typically be centered round Alice the hamster and Crow the crow, who were animated using the stop-frame technique; alternatively you may have bumped into Duncan the Dragon, or even Purrfecta and Mr Bits and Pieces.

    In this era the programme started with a more upbeat theme tune, and a title sequence which showed building blocks spinning round to spell out the programme title. The true 1980s You and Me experience, of course, always had to begin with watching two minutes' worth of music and a static slide showing the aforementioned building blocks (above).

    All available from…htm

    Including a video

    Original Poster

    yep thats what i found so far. Am trying to find some more Pics

    I think I might have these on tape somewhere, but I wouldn't know where to begin.

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