Help me find the cheapest AEG L16830 Washer Drier (Please!)

Found 4th Jan 2008
My old Ariston broke down and we really need a new tumble drier.

The AEG gets some good reviews.

Cheapest I can find is 429.99 delivered from Dixons (with the £10 off code).

Skint after Christmas so please help me find a better deal if you can!!

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I would bite the bullet and pay the price, I had to pay that for mine and I got it from hughes direct, its an excellent washer dryer though, cant recommend it highly enough
I've got one. The three best things are that it is quiet, it unlocks the door as soon as the cycle has finished, and you can stop it mid-cycle add more clothes if you have forgotten something and not cause a flood.
There's one going on Clearance-comet - bids end sunday night


Depends on your view of the damage

I got a new Bosch dishwasher for £150 less than store price - dent in front door - I had to rub my hand across the door to find it - chufffffed :roll:

If you are going to bid - work out the max you will bid and make the bid with 30 secs to go - you will get it at the best price, but stops idiots bidding the price up and up in the last minute

Best of luck
The best price = appliancesonline.co.uk/pro…eds

Just found this code: AOLAWDEC10 and it gives you an extra £10 off, which means:

Original Price = £390

Discount = £10

Quidco @ 4% (based on £380) = £15.20

Total with Discounts = £364.80

Delivery = £29.99

Grand Total = £394.79

Not bad eh! (£35.20 to go down the pub with now!)
Sounds like the deal for me. Thanks!!!!
Glad to be of assistance!
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