help me find the largest carry on suitcase for easyjet

Found 29th Feb 2012
was wondering if anyone knew of a suitcase which would work as carry-on luggage for easyjet?
max dimesions are 55x45x25cm

what's the largest you have found without breaking those size restrictions?
hopefully under £25?
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Probably not much help but i got the exact sized case for £16 on Melton Mowbray market. Fat lot of good i know if you live miles from Leicestershire (_;)
man size big enough ?

[image missing]

Insert pic of matchbox here:
TripNeeds Cabin Zero

Ultra-lightweight high capacity cabin sized backpack. Weighs only 630 grams
Designed to fit maximum hand luggage size of 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Made from high quality water resistant 600D. Extremely strong yet very lightweight
Designed for travel on budget airlines
Fully Lined. Lockable Zippers with TripNeeds Signature Zipper Pulls
Cabin Max Backpack

Designed to fit the maximum size allowed on a IATA flight 55x40x20cm - Now Water resistant 600D material!
This massive 44 litre capacity makes it possible to fly without checking in baggage to the hold
New Lighter weight AMAZON Verified 660 grammes, High strength composite shower proof nylon bag with padded back featuring 3 main zipped compartment, 2 zipped internal compartments. high strength composite nylon bag with padded back adjustable shoulder straps, carrying handles, and side adjustable straps.
mine cost £16, got it in majorca tho perfect size and its purple! win win!
I got one in Carrefour in Spain that is exactly the right size for 6 Euro's, I have been using it on a regular basis for flights to/from Spain on Easyjet and/or Ryanair, oh and it had a nice laptop bag inside, much to my surprise.

Not much help to the OP.(_;)
I believe this would be an excellent addition if you are a regular traveller CLICKY

you do know its only allowed to weigh 2lb's before you get charged excess

easyjet have no weight limit…tml
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