Help me find this thread please! Rep to the person who finds it! hehe!

    I saw a Thread on the For Sale/Trade Section around a month ago of a user selling multiple Playstation 3 Games, i'm not sure if the game I wanted got bought or if he Expired the thread. The game I was after was Quantum Of Solace, It was the Collectors Edition Version but was in a Standard Version Case, He said there was a mix up at Gamestation where he bought it and ended up with the Collectors Edition Disc in the Normal Case, Anyways i've been trying to track it down to see if he sold it, It was listed at £12 I posted in the thread but I cant seem to find it, Help me Oh Wise Ones! Rep for the helpful people!


    It maybe cached on Google,have you tried?

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    It maybe cached on Google,have you tried?


    =6&advanced_search=Search+Now"]Click mewill be one of these i imagine

    Not those ones i'm afraid been searching, Someone had one but it's expired now but it wasnt the same user anyways and price was higher, ta though

    Found it I think…550

    on page 21 on your "find all threads containing posts by Marky264"

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    Found it I … Found it I think page 21 on your "find all threads containing posts by Marky264"

    I'm afraid it's not those either thanks though for looking, i remember the guy posting a few PS3 Games in his list at reasonable prices aswell, It must have been spammed or something


    Not this one either..
    Just seen te above post
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