Help me fine a Satnav please!

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Found 21st Aug 2007
Hi. I've decided- after a week of getting lost in France- to buy a Satnav. I've not got a clue where to start, so i'm hoping for recommendations. My ideal Satnav would:
1. Have UK and Europe maps
2. Allow me to permanently mark hotels and restaurants in the memory, so that if I was close to one of my favourite chains in France or Germany, I could find it easily
3. Cost up to £300

A fairly simple list, hopefully! I'll appreciate all input here- and any advice.

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There are some decent deals on the hot deals forum for sat nav atm - I'd check them out. Never had a problem with my TomTom when I was over in France recently.

We have a road angel navigator - don't get one of those.
All of it's functions are great and you can use it for walking places but they are really pants at finding the satellite signal. We paid extra and got a funky extending aerial as we have funny glass in the car that blocks the signal. This helps but it's still slow to find it's bearings.
We got smartnav fitted free when we bought our peugeot and we had it fitted in our old car - more expensive but so worth it just for the traffic updates and re-routing alone.

I was just about to post a similar request, i just want a sat nav that works in the U.S.A and here, i was looking at the tom tom 910 which is $400(£200) but i am bit unsure of buying it over there incase anything goes wrong, any ideas on the best place to buy this model or can you recommend another?
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