Help me out i need a new laptop!


    I'm after a new laptop, something thats less than £400 but it needs to be able to handle multiple internet windows, itunes and office (preferably all at the same time) and possibly play the odd game such as sims 3 or Football manager, i don't know a lot about laptops so was wondering is anyone could point me in the right direction!

    I have found this for £349 but not sure if its what i need as i've been told to look for a dual core? and to avoid some integrated graphics cards?…jsp[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccfkadejffflhemcflgceggdhhmdgmj.0&page=Product&fm=1&sm=0&tm=0&sku=138263&category_oid=-37388


    That one has a celeron processor which is not that great. The HP G61 at £399 used with the integate5 code for 5% off is better. From comet the Samsung at £399 is alright but it is finding it in stock (code review5 for 5%). Or my choice would be one of these:…974…694 (My choice even though it only has 2GB RAM you can buy more as needed with 1GB around £22 and 2GB £37)

    Hope this helps.

    I'm having the same problem - quite a few options but not too sure which way to go - my budget is £400:

    martinhb would you mind commenting on the following that i've been looking at? I'm looking for a laptop/notebook for web surfing/chatting / watching media and online web content (iplayer) both at home and on the move (travelling for a month in feb) gaming...i have a desktop in the house where I do all my downloading of films and music....bit of word and excell nothing too heavy...want something fast with a decent battery…tml…iew…m=1…RUF…spx

    I'm slightly confused to what your after. As you have a netbook, and various laptops.


    I'm slightly confused to what your after. As you have a netbook, and … I'm slightly confused to what your after. As you have a netbook, and various laptops.

    That's because I can't make my mind up whether to buy a netbook or a laptop :?....but the more people I chat to I think that the screen size of a netbook maybe too small for the amount of time I may spend on it!? Having never used you think that could be an issue?

    I guess what I'm asking is...what is the best notebook deal at the moment - is it this?…als

    And what is the best laptop deal at the moment sub £400.

    And then I'll just have to stick my neck out and go for one of them.
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