Help me persuade my dad to get an ipod touch instead of a nano.

Found 3rd Jul 2010
Ipod nano 16GB are around £128
Ipod touch 32GB are around £220

I need to try and justify him paying £100 extra, the main reason is so i can play games on it.


You can watch porn on the touch. I joke.

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Im pretty sure that wouldnt be of interest to him.

Calender on the iPod touch. Much better than calender on nano ao he can keep his life organised.
Apps on touch - sky news - keep uptodate. Sky sports news.
Email accounts - recieve his emails

I can go on.
Does he really need a 32gb touch.
Why not just go for the 8gb or 16gb touch?

Well I suppose it depends if he wants a big bulge in his the ipod touch is much bigger!:-D

its his money,up to him how he spends it

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Calender on the iPod touch. Much better than calender on nano ao he can … Calender on the iPod touch. Much better than calender on nano ao he can keep his life organised.Apps on touch - sky news - keep uptodate. Sky sports news.Email accounts - recieve his emailsI can go on.Does he really need a 32gb touch.Why not just go for the 8gb or 16gb touch?

thanks for the help, I couldnt find a 16GB ipod touch on the apple website though?
EDIT: it seems to be that 2nd gen had 16GB, ill have to look into that

anything else?

rep given btw

why arent you comparing a 16gb nano and a 16gb touch?!

seriously though, the apps are incredible. atleast they were until i got my android phone, now its been relegated to music player. who'd have thought...

(id recommend the 32gb touch though - more music/apps :thumbsup:)

Yes I agree, looks like it's a 2g touch. So just 8gb, 16gb and 32gb on 3rd gen.
Have to weigh up if you need a 3rd gen. If not he could go for a 2g 16gb off eBay?

Weather on iPod - add your fave places in the world and see hep the weather is there.
Videos - I know nano does videos these days but bigger screen on touch and I believe higher quality but don't quote me on that.

I've now had two iPod touchs. 1 first and 1 2nd gen and can't sing there praises enough.

Just a note. Ocasionally apple have some refurbished iPods on there website.
Believe it's down the right hand side of there shop.
Some bargins on there but usually have few minor scratches on the units

I'd tell him not to buy either. Just get a bigger MicroSD card for his phone, and if he hasn't already got a phone with a decent built-in MP3 player, get one of them too. It'll be either cheaper or only slightly more expensive, and it's by far the better option since one device per function is really such an obsolete notion in technology these days, and having two devices in your pocket instead of one is such a drag.

3rd gen 8gig touch 140, only 12 pound more.


buy your own ipod, let him buy what he wants to buy

try argos. Instore earlier they had them on offer for £120. They were on the shelves in my local store behind the pick up counter. They had nanos for £80 also.
havent put it up as it may be store specific. this was colwyn bay

If you want to play games, get a portable games console like the PSP or the DSi, rather than playing games on an mp3 player.

Is it for you or your dad? (not sure from the heading). If its for him then its his choice - if its for you why not put the extra to it yourself to help out and to get what you really want?
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