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Found 26th Mar 2008
im having problems booking tickets ive never dne it before and when the drop down menu comes up for the baggage i dont understand what i have to do. It has airport checkin and online checkin...i hvae to select how many bags i have to check in but i dont really knw yet
i have 3 young children and was lookin on taking 2 largeish long as they dont exceed the 32kg.
can anyone help..i need to get these booked asap
thanking you in advance


The biggest bag you can take on board into the cabin (without charge) is 10kg by smallish dimensions per person. All the others you need to pay for at £6 per bag up to a max of 15kg , Ryanair are pretty bad for charges about the 15kg so id get ur scales out before you go.

If you put bags in the hold it means you have to pay for airport checkin too as you have to check the bags in which i think is another £3 on top of the £6 for the bag

Hope this helps

Ok you can check in online so no need to pay that charge plus you need to know how many bags/cases you want to take if you need 2 just pay the charge for 2 don't forget you can take 4 pieces of hand luggage with you for no extra cost if below 15 kg i think that's the weight limit. what else do you need to know.

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thanks for the quick replies..right can i check in 2 suitcases not exceeding 32kg for the 5 of us or do i need to take 5 15kg sorry i sound thick but not been abroad for couple of years and not come across this b4, it all seems to have changed.obviously with 3 young children i dont want to carry too much hand luggage.
also another thing i read about printing off the boarding passes at home do i do this if i still need to check in at the airport. (god i sound really dense lol)

Just looked at the webpage and 2 bags is going to cost a rip off £42 :w00t:

Edit maybe more than £42 as i thought your said 4 people.

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thanks....think ill try easy jet ;0)

I think Easyjet is £8 per return trip per luggage but maybe thats for just inland flights.

we are travelling with ryan air in may. my hubbie and 3 year old are booked in together, and only taking handluggage-free online check in. then i'm booked with my baby(if you travel with an infant you cannot check in online which is free). this worked out cheapest for us.
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