Found 14th Jan 2009
Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what my PS3 60gb is worth.
I am considering trading it on for an xbox 360 as all my mates seem to have one and althoughit's an inferior piece of kit I might get some more fun out of the gaming online aspect.



I Will Offer U 150 For It As I Need 1

This is one of the original PS3's, they have the PS2 compatibility switched on and you can't buy them anymore, therefore rare
If anyone really needs that function and it's in good condition, you could get near what u paid for it

It really does depend on the condition of the unit, It is true to a certain extent that the 60 gb PS3 has advantages over its larger capacity twins. But to suggest that you would get back what you paid for it is a little hopeful. They usually sell for around £165-£230 depending obviously on its condition which you never stated and how many games you have with it. I presently have a ps2 and cannot decide between an xbox and a PS3 for the reasons stated by the above post i may well opt for for a 60gb PS3 or just sell everything as a package and buy a top Xbox. Good luck deciding on what to do. My one tip would be to NOT accept the generous offer of £150 above as it is worth more than that. If you do decide to sell, let me know as i may be interested in putting an offer in for it

Depends where you sell it to be honest. On Ebay can get around £300, althought you wont get that on here.

P.S Typing With A Capital Letter For Every Word Is Annoying.

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I Will Offer U 150 For It As I Need 1

Thanks but i was after some advice not a fleecing!.

Thanks for the advice others.

The console is in mint condition. I just got my orginal 60gb exchanged under warranty as the recent firmware update caused the blu ray to fail. They agreed an exchange as it happened on my birthday - how nioce of Sony!

So it's in as new conditon an has a 3 month warranty on the unti too which is a bonus for a 60GB.
I have 2 standard controllers, COD4, Cod 5, Pro Evo 2009 (and 2008 for what it's worth) and Virtua Tennis 3. The console also has wipeoput HD on the hard drive as well as the extra maps for COD4.

Any moresuggestions as a bundle price?
I may go to fleabay - but allowing for seller fees etc I might put it on HUKD.

Thats a better package now. You could probably aim at around £280-£320 on the well known auction sites but you could pay in the region of £30 for fees etc.

have you sold the ps3 yet

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have you sold the ps3 yet

Not yet.

Are you interested?

I could be interested. I'll give you £250 for it
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