help me quick please!!!

    right have just received my ds stuff i got an m3 card, a cd rom thingy, a trasnflash usb adapeteber n a micro sd, i also have about 30 games i got fromma freind on a disc, however i have no idea how to get them from my cd rom onto my micro sd to play on my nintendo who cna help


    for a moment there, i thought it was urgent.

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    it is lol, ave waitited weeeks for this!!!

    i know what you mean i got someone to put games on the memory card for me as i couldn't work it out

    Put MicroSD card in USB Transflash adaptor.
    Plug USB Transflash adaptor into PC.
    USB Transflash adaptor appears as new drive under 'My Computer'
    Drag driver files from CD-Rom onto new drive (i.e the MicroSD).
    Copy .nds files to the same drive
    Eject Transflash adaptor and put MicroSD into M3 card

    Enjoy your 'space saving' backups...

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    ok well i tired, thins, howver i think the games are zipp?? and thi is where im stuck

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    This Is Driving Me Mad, I Canna Get This Too Work At All, Ive Tried Dowloand Games Ana And I Cannna!!! I Thought This Was Eay God Ma Gna Ti Crack Up!!!

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    AVE managed, ana kane how but i have

    Download WinRAR and get the .nds files out of the zip file!

    you dont even need winrar for zip fules, xp can extract them. just double click on the game and there should be some thing that says extract, click that and extract it to your card.

    If your 'backup up' game files are compressed (or you think they are) do a google search for their file extension to find a suitable program (my daughter's 'backups' had strange filenames, & needed extracting)

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    yeah i did extract them, with xp but the problem was my m3 came with a disc, and on it had instructions, and a few weird folders, i had to put theses certain folders on to my micro sd before any games!! that wa the problem!!
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