Help me remember a TV program!

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Found 13th Mar 2008
Help me remember this TV program, used to be on UK Play (I think). 2 Puppets with the voice of Zig n Zag (irish) telling spooky stories. Someone has them as there Avatar on here, just can't remember who. Rep for the helper (and a youtube link).


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Could it be...…pe=

No idea what you are talking about, but did a quick search and those seemed to fit the criteria

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Thats it! Cheers.

No problem

Never seen it, is it any good?

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I used to think it was, about 6 years ago. Podge and Rodge, it's all coming back now. Used to think it was really funny. Me and the Missus was on about it the other night. Just could not remember the name.

P&R are fantastic, do you recognise the avatar? You can get each series on DVD now, but only if you order them from Ireland.

"In the name of St Beverley and the Hillbillies!"

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I do yes, it's your Avatar I mention in the original post
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