Help me to sell 2 unusual cars Please!!

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Found 29th Nov 2006
Hello & help! - we are currently a four car family - and need to get down to 2!
I am new at this car selling, thinking about using Auto trader , but want to get an idea of prices...... looked over the web, teh 2 cars are a little unusual so not found in Glasses .... one is a mercedes E55 AMG with a great AMG plate, from 1998 and the other is a Range Rover ( i think 1996!)- this was originally registered in Ireland so doesnt quite fit the Uk mold of cars - it is a 4 litre petrol manual registered in the UK from 1999/2000.
Any advice greatfully recieved, I am just not selling because I am need to know what to ask price wise & where is best to advertise - I dont really want loads of nuisance calls of the back of placing an ad. they are quite 'old' & not usual spec hence the main difficulties I think!

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might be able to help you with pricing the cars.

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Thanks _ I did look earlier but they didnt have Merc listed. Emailed Glasses they said may not price our cars as unusual...

back when i was last looking at buying cars i found parkers tended to underestimate the price in most cases, but a good place to start, esp with ebay etc

Pistonheads would be my first port of call if I was looking for a car like the AMG.

They have a few on there ]-here-

A '99 75k is up for £9500, bottom of page 2.

Not the best time of year to be selling to be honest, although if someone is looking for a bigbhp 4 door saloon for under 10k, there's not many options about so they may buy as soon as they find the right car.

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Thanks for that link, certainly helps me with a guide. We only got the car in January from my husbands boss, we thought it was a really good price....... just goes to show you need to do your homework, and not just believe what someone selling it tells you - colleague or no colleague!!

you tried the what car valuations site? quite good and usually more realistic values - you can input mileage too.

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thanks very much fro that - just located the site and will give it a go

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A great site I have found both cars that IS progress!
Next step where to advertise? Autotrader? Ebay?( not keen on this one!)Will do Pistonheads as Fixngrout recommended thanks & its' free!
Any other ideas really welcome! Also... if someone wants a test drive obviously I ( or hubby!) need to go too, but any other tips? Havent done this before, and particularly given the AMG I am very nervous about it. The Range Rover is not quite the same!( But am I allowed to say I prefer it?!!)

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