HELP ME with extracting files please.

    Downloaded some rar's with downthemall, as my usualy jdownloader wouldn't work.

    So then it leaves the rar's but it wont exract them, instead it shows this!…png

    and if i click open it doesn't show the file of all the rar's!…png

    An help appreciated!


    Try winrar

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    sorry meant to say. im on a mac!

    i use betterzip and also tried unrarx

    the one you downloaded is the 14th part
    you have to download ALL PARTS of the rar file, put it in the same folder.

    after that and if you have winrar installed, all you have to do is click on one of the files

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    yes! i do have all the rar files.
    Im pretty used to this, this is asking me to open it, seeing it like an applciation?

    Download Winrar mac:thumbsup:

    Ah Macs, the work of the devil :evil:

    As Russ66 says though use winrar mac

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    win rar for mac will not even work in my mac!


    win rar for mac will not even work in my mac!

    I can't help then

    Well I thought the game was rubbish actually if that was any help :thumbsup:

    Go buy parallels, then a copy of xp, install xp, download and install winrar, extract the files

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    well i dont see why my normal extracter won't work!

    use unrarx for mac

    double click XMOW36RF.part01.rar and youll be set

    it looks like .rar file extension has been associated with some software that im not aware of. so you might have to open unrarx from applications, then browse to where these rars are.

    the warning you are seeing, i believe, is because osx flags downloaded files as being from the internet. since the .rar file is associated directly with a program, it is simply warning you of the possibiliy of trouble.

    you wont get this warning upon trying to open the file again as osx will remember that it has shown the warning


    Expired, spammed and reported.Go and buy it, or do your own research if … Expired, spammed and reported.Go and buy it, or do your own research if you want to steal it, idiot.

    Hypocrisy to the max:

    dcx_badass posted: "Wanted Chipped and Modded Gamecube"…be/

    were these files the person needed assistance with actually something pirated? i dont know, i looked at the file names and could spot the pattern in the naming convention. but you sound like you are familiar with them. lol

    your reasoning for needing the gamecube backup is laughable too, backups are not always a legitimate reason to made an unlicensed copy on an unlicensed format..

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