Help me with my nokia phone!

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Found 7th Jun 2008
got a nokia n95 today. put my sim card in ( 02) had it for like5 years when it was bt cellnet and couldnt connect to web so put a new sim in and it got a bit further but need some help.

I want to surf the internet (but i dont have a wireless router). Cant you just connect to the internet at 02 HQ or something??

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What do you mean by o2 HQ? As in like MMS surfing? If so i'm pretty sure you can. Sorry if it doesn't help...

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Yeh thats it, because i havent got a wireless network i want to PAYG surf. i know it will be expensive but i want to go on the web on it! rep give

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please please help me

Try phoning up your network provider? Maybe they could help..

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they going to send me a txt message about settings or something

when they send you the settings, save them and then go to web, and you should be able to browse. if you do not recieves the settings then on your phone got to "sevices" and "get settings" which sjould send you that message

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Yes!! done it thanks munz a legend!!!!!!1

I would actually get them to send you a 3g sim out. If you have had that sim for five years then it will only surf at the slower gsm speeds, which is a waste for such a nice phone. :thumbsup:

oops didn't fully read original post sorry.:oops:


Yes!! done it thanks munz a legend!!!!!!1

Thnx for that:thumbsup:
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