Help me with my Speaker Choice.

    Hey, i am interested to purchase new speakers for my home setup and could use some advice please.

    I currently use Tannoy J30's that are old now. 1989 to be precise. I also have a Gale 4070 Passive subwoofer which has great. Deep bass and all... but cant handle alot of power and sadly distorts at high volumes as its 65watts RMS. The tannoys just dont give me the bass i quite want and the original tweeters have broken. So in all I was looking at these speakers called "Cerwin Vega VE 12" - and they seem to be a good price range for me at £230. From what i've seen on youtube clips and some reviews ive checked they have great bass responce and some clarity. Ideally i want loud deep bass without distorting i wont be playing at stupidly high volumes but within reason, and i would like to know what these speakers bass responce is like at normal listening volumes and higher volumes. I will be bascially use these speakers for playing music (Trance, Dance etc) & using my xbox 360 console.

    if you have any experience with these speakers please tell me or if you can reccomend any other speakers would be great. The amp is use outputs 100watts RMS at 7 channels using a Yamaha RX-V359 amplifier.

    This is an image of the Cerwin Vegas.…jpg……jpg

    Thank you for reading and all reply's will help me alot!:thumbsup:


    Well the only thing I would say is that of you're spending £250 on a pair of speakers you really ought to be going along to a reputable dealer with your fave CD and asking them to set the speakers up so you can listen to them.

    It's all too personal I find to give advice on audio equipment, what you hear and like other folks may well not. (Just my opinion)

    In my experience dealers are only too happy to help

    Good luck and ermm, how much do you want for your tannoys ??

    I would echo what hottoshop said, Speaker choice and the matching components is a bit like choosing wines, what may taste like vinegar to me, may taste great to you.

    Its such a personal thing, depending on a number of factors budget, style, brand, sound quality, the type of music you like, spend some time at a knowledgeable Hi Fi dealers with a demo room, so you can try different combinations of kit.

    If possible then demo all the way. I had great fun scaring the staff at SuperFi witless for over an hour with my bag of obscure reference materials (DVD/SACD/DVD-A) a few years ago when looking for speakers. As I went heavily over my original budget they happily knocked £100 off - although I did plead poverty as I was a student forking out nearly £700.

    Gave their systems the workout they deserved!
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