Help me with the Sky+ Box

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Found 30th May 2008
I want to join Sky but can not find good offer.

Now sky is running a friend introduce scheme. friend.sky.com/. Who can help me with this offer?

Please PM me, Thanks a lot.

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I dont know if its that good, we did it and still fighting for the vouchers, both of us........now for mum we are doing the pay once, watch for ever.

i got it free without a friend. just goto a sky stand outside those supermarkets (i had 1 outside icelands in basingstoke) and they did it all free, free install and free sky+ box. was very happy

pm sent

i rang up yesterday and got full sky+ package max internet and max phone, paid 49 for the box free installation and get the phone free for 6 months. you just need to tell them you want a really good deal and if you dont get anywhere hang up and try again but speaking to a different sales person.

I phoned sky last week, we have tv, broadband and talk with them and said i was leaving to go to virgin media for various reasons.....5 minutes later they are offering me FREE sky+ and FREE installation.....i suppose it does depend on which advisor you speak to, but just blag that your leaving and they will soon ofer you some goodies.... :thumbsup:
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