help me work out currency exchange rates

    Can anyone help its been few years since ive been abroad and i have forgot how to work out on a calculater how much i am spending in currency when abroad....
    There is a easy way of working it our but ive forgot ... will some one remind me what to do...
    the currancy is bulgarian lev and the exchange rate i bought it at is 2.30... Help Please


    so for every 2.30 levs you are spending £1? i would round it up if you dont need accuracy? you are not going to calculate everything??
    so therefore i would say if you buy something for 2.30 its a £1 so approx 2 to 1? so if its 5 levs say £2.50? as 4.60 would be the £2 and it isnt much difference?

    easiest way is to divide 1 by the rate you paid (2.30) giving you 0.435 rounded up.

    To work out how many good old pounds everything is costing you, times it by that number.

    So if you buy something for 50 Leva, it'll cost 21.75 gbp roughly. (50 x 0.435)

    Thanks Squizz-its accurate! so my way would just round it up to £25 -so depends if you want accurate or easy?

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    Thanks for all advice,
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