help me you 'in the know' mobile fone uk hot dealers!!!

    hey guys,

    my fone contract is coming to an end and ive seen some really good deaks on this site with cashback deals.
    has anyone seen a deal that mite fit in with these specs? im not too good at this kinda thing.

    im after a 12month contract on ANY network with ANY fone (even really really crap ones!)
    I need a fair few anytime xnet mins (400++mins) and not so many txts (around 50 is ok, 100 great, 100+ bonus!)
    I want as many months free line rental as possible (ie 8-12) the more the better!

    can anyone help? is this kind of thing available or am i being ridiculous

    cheers guys


    Hey there be careful with these cashback sites as a lot are scams... Having said that i trust [url][/url] as they are a branch of carphonewarehouse. If you go to the site and click on clearance phones they usually do 12 month contracts with 12 month contracts if you are not bothered with the type of phone. I have got 2 contracts with them and have so far received all my cashbacks.

    Hope that helps!!!!!


    Doesn't have that tariff I have either.
    Check the Orange tariffs on the Motorola L6/L7e/U6 for which tariff and phone suits you, should still work out £2-£8 a month average with free broadband so long as you stick to those cashbacks like glue.

    Original Poster

    nice one guys. thanks very much. i knew you hot-dealers wouldnt let me down. you're like my extended family, except i didnt buy xmas presents for you all!!! :-D

    will have a look through those links.

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