Help! Mechanic help needed for a Ford Galaxy TDi

    My Auxilliary heater is smoking really badly and don't want Fords to repair as I've heard they keep going anyway.
    I don't think it's ever worked since I had it so want to get it disconnected but how do you do it?
    Some say fuse but need to know which one.
    Some say disconnect wires/pipes but not sure where.

    My local Fords are useless as when I was going to replace the part (glow plug), they asked ME to find them the part number as they couldn't find it!

    Apparently, its really common on these so someon must be able to help... Pleeeeeaaaase.
    Rep added for your time x


    Go to Halfords and flick through the Haynes manual to find the correct fuse if its not in your owners manual.

    Try It is basically the same car and the guys on the site know quite alot about the ins and outs of the cars and faults.
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