Help meeeeeeee!!!

    I have noticed £10 has been credited back to my bank account today and i dont know who it was off? I bought something off littlewoods direct using a £10 code, on 01.12.08 but the took the whole amount out of my bank. I thought the code must not of worked. On my statement it says the money has gone to littlewoods. This £10 however, says nothing just POS 13december ........ ? Would littlewoods give the £10 back nearly two weeks later, or is this from something else lol


    Ring your bank, they should be able to tell you where it came from.

    Yes that will be Littlewoods dunno why it took so long though

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    Thanks for reply, rep added

    Had a similar experience with littlewoods.
    I had a £30 of £60 code accepted online, but the initially charged the full £60 to my card. For some reason they only process the refund when the item gets delivered; got my £30 back after 10 days.

    Hope that helps

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