Help! Mobile cashback question.

    This isnt' strictly a deal request, but not sure where else to post it. My husband has lost a mobile phone that is 4 months into a cashback contract with E2Save/Orange. Is there any way that he can report it as lost or get a replacement sim card without losing his cashback? If he does lose his cashback, is there any way that he can change his contract to a cheaper one (it currently costs £30 a month)? We'd be really grateful for any suggestions.


    Who should I contact if my phone is lost, stolen or damaged?

    You must inform Orange immediately on the following numbers so that we can prevent your phone being misused:

    07973 100 150 if you're on pay monthly
    07973 100 450 if you're on pay as you go

    If you're an Orange Care customer, please obtain a loss or crime reference number so that you can make a claim and we can send your replacement phone - all claims must be made within 24 hours of the incident.

    If your phone is lost you must report the loss to Orange and also obtain a lost property reference number within 24 hours of discovery of the loss.

    If your phone is damaged please call Orange as soon as possible to advise of the damage.

    Will I be charged for calls made on my phone if it's lost or stolen?

    You will be liable for any calls made on your phone up until you have reported it lost or stolen to Orange.

    That's from the Orange website FAQs. As for cashback I don't think you can claim it unless you pay the rest of your contract. The chances are that Orange might just let you cancel it now but you might have to pay a fee. Give them a ring and they'll tell you what'll happen. If you still need help then let me know.

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    Thanks for this. The problem is that the chequeback terms and conditions say "Situations where chequeback will cease to apply... If your airtime contract has been disconnected (including disconnections made under Lifeline insurance)". Presumably this means that is the phone is reported as lost, we will be stuck with the contract but will lose the chequeback?

    Well, if you ring orange they might just let you cancel it for free or a small fee... you'd have to find out what they say. I think you would lose the cashback I'm afraid either way, so it's probably worth paying a small penalty fee and not pay the rest of the contract rather than struggle on with it.

    If you ring orange then they'll explain what'll happen regards to whether you can cancel the contract. Have you reported it missing yet?? Either way you need to give them a ring.

    07973 100150 from another mobile with x-net mins included.
    0800 0790438 from landline (not 100% sure, but worth a try).

    Best of luck.

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    I've just spoken to Orange on the freephone number - thanks for that - and they say that the cashback won't be affected. Thanks for your advice.
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