help mobile contract comeing for renewel

    my mobile contract is comeing to a end in the next few days

    three network , im looking for a iphone 4 , any body have any ideawhat they will offer a exciting customer .
    or do i need to go some were else



    Just how "exciting" are u? X)

    If you let them know in any way you are happy to stay with them they will offer a crap deal, literally go through with cancelling the contract, you will get a call a few days later offering you the best deal they can, usually 25% off whatever the deal is online.

    ive got 4 contracts with 3 in my name, asked them to match T-mobile deal on a desire HD and they wont, got pac code wont move on deal

    leave them. then go back to them by going through quidco and e2save and get £110 cashback on a £30 pm iphone 4 deal with a charge up front of £99 for the iphone itself. its a 2 year deal but im sure after a year you can upgrade to whatever gizmo apple have out then....... hope that helps
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