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Found 29th Dec 2009
Hi everyone, looking for some help on how to handle a situation with my mobile contract with Three. I feel like I have been totally "done" by Three here and need some advice.

6 months ago, I took out a 6 month contract with Three - incidently it was a deal posted on this site. I called them today to get a PAC code only to be told that I was on an 18 month contract and would have to pay over £200 to get out of it.

Here are the facts:

1) I took out what I believed was a 6 month contract in July. Three tell me that it is an 18 month contract now.
2) My original documentation states 18 month contract, I called them when I got this and the person on the phone confirmed that all 6 month contracts are in fact 18 month contracts which you can get out of at no cost after 6 months and that I should not be concerned.
3) When I took out the deal through the Three web site, the handset I chose was ONLY available on the 6 month tarrif. Three say this does not prove anythng.

I really am looking for any advice on this. I have never had a problem with Three but after this I am so dissapointed.

I feel like I have been totally shafted by Three. :-(.
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Unless you have some email or documentation to show that you can be released from the 18 month contract after 6 months at no cost, then you're literally up the river without a paddle.

Sales people will say anything to get the sale, simply because its not down on paper and more difficult to proove.

Check your emails and documents you received from 3, hopefully there will be something in those that will mention the 6 month clause.
hi - exactly the same happened to me, i insisted that it was a 6 month contract and they changed it immediantly, didnt have to prove anything. (I bought mine online and never checked the paperwork) Good luck, they can be hard work sometimes!
Oh yes, ha ha, I remember this one, I complained when my 12 month contract was mysteriously changed to an 18 month when I wanted to upgrade or cancel and guess what? - they have the right to alter your contract when ever they want and it's in the small print (on line - obviously - not the papers you are handed and read when you are actually doing the deal of course) and they can even alter the cost of the contract if they so wish so it's not worth the paper its written on. I compained to the shop, I provided the sales assistants hand written notes and all the paperwork I was given at the point of signing and whilst theorignal assistant was polite and symathetic enough his manager was really offensive and more or less told me to get lost, the phone lines were no more helpful, the usual scripted stuff. I gave up in the end, it wasn't worth the time or trouble. Well done three another sucker! :x
i got them to write to me confirming length of contract because when i bought mine back in june/july it was a 6months contract but when i called up they wouldn't agree to it said it didn't exist. in the end i made one manager go to website to see it and he wrote an email to me acknowleging. i've now cancelled as 6month's up and they honoured it.

with three and anyother network, make sure they provide written evidence. on my contract it said 18months length of contract so had them write to confirm it. refer them to when you bought it etc and you can use me as example as to when you bought and hopefully they'll listen then.

Thanks for all your replies. I wanted to let you all know how I got on at the Three store today.
So I explained to the store manager my problem and he even confirmed that I had a 6 month contract without even asking me about the contract - he could tell because of my handset.
He was very helpful - which was strange since I am leaving the network (more like running now). He called customer services and had a chat with them and helped me on to obtaining my PAC code and confirmed that I was on a 6 month contract. They even sent me a text confirming that I was on a 6 monther. Perfect. :-D
Thank goodness for that. I was bricking it for a while there! Thanks again for your posts.
Congrats on leaving Three. They're a decent enough network to be on but the customer service is giving them a terrible name. I spent 15 minutes on the phone to a guy asking for my PAC code who chose to ignore my many requests and keep offering me more **** deals despite me making it very clear that I was not interested. I ended up resorting to just saying "Give me my PAC code!!" and he still ignored me. Finally I just hung up and called again later, getting exactly the same treatment from another one of their guys. It was absolutely shocking. This was at the end of an 18 month contract btw, not the 6-monther.

2 days after getting my PAC I get a call from them offering me a new phone, 600 mins, and a load of texts for a tenner per month for life. It's a great offer but I still turned them down coz of the treatment I'd been given. I refuse to have anything to do with them now after being treated like that and I'd suggest everyone avoids them.
My thoughts exactly Drift. I will not be going back to them - ever.
@steveward1983 - you can't advertise for RAF to make profit on this site. It is self-promotion and can get you a suspension. Please remove your contact details from the post before a mod does.

@ others - the reason he is supplying this info is that 3 will pay him £30 for each RAF he does.
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