Help - Modded PS2 OR Xbox?

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Found 12th Aug 2008
I'm looking to get either of the above...probably with a hard drive as it will be easier to select games and such but am wondering which one i should go for. I've never played on an original xbox but had a ps2 and always liked the controllers. Which one has the better games, capabilities, and be cheapest? All other info would be appreciated.

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PS2 is easiest, xbox probably cheapest but better graphics

The ps2 you need to buy a network adaptor(if you are lucky £10 from Gamestation, if not up to £40 Ebay) then a IDE Hard drive

Then just softmod memory card to load the hdd software so the dvd drive is never needed again

Xbox its a case of softmodding it, then take it apart, put in new hd and changing its code to match but then you can play emulators and movies off the hd so betterin long run, also can run divx and media centre

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So xbox has the better capabilites basically...anyone got one for sale LOL with a hard drive? How would i transfer xbox games to the hard drive and roughly how big can games be?

Xbox by a long shot in my opinion Ive had both and sold the PS2 as it wasn't getting used, soft modding an xbox is fairly simple if you follow the instructions and dont try to rush it, there are plenty of guides available online and more people with experience of doing it on here (i think) than the PS2 softmod who can probably guide you through it if you need help. Setting aside an hour to an hour and a half should be adequate for the job for a newbie to the art.


How would i transfer xbox games to the hard drive and roughly how big can … How would i transfer xbox games to the hard drive and roughly how big can games be?

Once you have softmodded the xbox there is a utilty called dvd3xbox that will let you do the transfers or you can hook it up to a pc and FTP them over (my preffered method. 99% of games will fit onto a standard dvd, there are only two ive found that dont without some hacking and thats warriors and conker: Live and reloaded, taking into account I have 450+ games for mine thats not too shabby.

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So what would be a good price with a 160gb hard drive? Do you have 450 games for it!?!?!

it shouldn't cost much more than the price of an xbox plus the price of the harddrive (10 for the xbox at game at the minute) otherwise you might as well buy them separate and do it yourself

i have a ps2 with a 120gb hard drive installed in it. it has a few games stored on there. pm if your intrested.

I have both

I use the Xbox solely for it's media centre capabilities, for game play I use the PS2 as i've always been a Playstation man but not only that they are still releasing games for the PS2.

The Xbox will be cheapest but is more difficult to soft mod yourself installing a larger hard drive is particularly tricky whereas in a PS2 you just plug in a modded memory card and a Hard Drive is just plug and play as long as you have the network adapter.

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Would prefere to buy one pre modded, probably will go for the xbox in the end and would need a big hard drive installed..

you'll pay a premium for it to be premodded, its not difficult at all, i can even loan you the kit to do it.
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