HELP! Monitor does not tun on when I turn computer in?

    Just asking for a but of advice on this one please. Normally when I turn the computer on the monitor comes on automatically but recently it hasn't turned on, and the only way for it to turn on is if I turn the computer off then back on again. When I press the on button on the monitor itself it won't respond, I've checked all leads and cables and everything seems fine.

    Any ideas anyone? Rep will be added for all suggestions.



    Hmmmmm, check that where the monitor goes into the computer, that the graphics card is secure. Sometimes the card can pop out and not make a good connection.

    Also, do you use two monitors or screens or connect to your tv? - This may be having an effect to your main monitor coming on.

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    Thanks, is the graphics card part of the socket where the monitor plugs into in the back of the tower?

    Computer could be freezing when goes into hidernation, (if you select the caps lock does the light on your keyboard work?).
    Also you could go to you power options in control panel, make sure you have different times for computer going to sleep as monitor turning off. Then see if your monitor will come back on if the computer has not gone to sleep.

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    Thanks. Does the capslock light on the keyboard work when? And also I have noticed that when I press the power button on the computer while its turned on it does not always turn off.

    Sorry to make you repeat your self, is the problem that
    a) The computer is off. You switch it on, and sometimes the monitor does not come on, so you have to restart
    b) The computer has been on for while unused, and when you go back to it, then the monitor will not switch back on

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    a) The computer is off you switch it on, and sometimes the monitor does not come on so you have to restart

    Its that one, and its happeneing every time when I turn the computer on.

    Like first response
    Check the cable connections (Pull them out and reconnect to make sure)
    Could be the graphics card has come out a bit, check this is pushed on fully. But to do that you have to take the cover off the computer then it is the card which the monitor connects to.
    Check that your drivers are up to date for graphics card and monitor.

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    Okay, thanks very much.

    It's not a Dell GX270 or 280, is it?

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    no dxx.

    The monitor will receive a signal from one of the pins on the connection sent by your PC to indicate plug and play detection (pin 12 of the VGA connector). The monitor is obviously not receiving this signal or the graphics card is not sending the signal. A way to eliminate this issue is to use another monitor to determine whether it is the monitior that is at fault or the graphics card.

    When you do manage to coerce the monitor into displaying a picture, does the screen blank out after a few minutes?

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    Thanks, yeah I thought about doing a test with another monitor. No, once the picture is there it stays there until the computer is switched off.
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