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Found 5th Apr 2009
My desktop is having display probs - the screen was occassionally going black then picture came back but now its clicking off and on then going to standby with msg no signal detected. have tried a different lcd and get same error. Does this mean my graphics card is goosed - I do see bios display when it boots up and then see the windows xp screen before the screen goes to standby? Any thoughts on what I can try appreciated - dont want to mess about too much or open up if this is an easy fix!

I bought it off fleabay, its been sitting in a box for months and took it out about 3 weeks ago and recently copied all my data off my laptop to sort through and tidy up and then put on an external drive . My laptop needs repaired as cd drive needs connections checked from when I put a new fan in it ages ago as comes up on bootup that theres prob with it and cant use it! and since I changed to an Edimax wifi adaptor my lappy doesnt find the drivers for anything I plug into the usbs yet web says they are packaged with XP so cant get them). Always meant to fix cd and usbs all as a oner but plan had been I'd do it once I had another pc up and running with internet access so could search web for help if required!

The desktop has wifi but I havent shared any drives on it (did on lappy for copying data across) - it does have a scart connection and tv card - a 9 pin male connection under the mouse and keyboard connections, an ethernet connection, optical connection and some others I am unsure of! graphics card and one for scart are red but cant remember what graphics card it is! And has further connections on front....

Any way I can find out if graphics card is goosed? Have taken side of and everything looks like its seated okay, there wasnt much fluff in fans....

Or any way I can bypass graphics card and use another screen if it is, or access the drives to get to the data? I do have another desktop (not sure if its wifi as only received power supply for it a couple of days ago and havent tested it yet!), and of course the lappy...

Any help appreciated as with the toddlers and me heading to Shanghai in near future(courtesy of the ex!) I'd like to get all my data onto a portable drive and backed up onto dvds.



could also be the power supply on way out.:thumbsup:

If you press F8 when the computer is booting up this will allow you go to in to safe mode and such. You want to boot into low resolution mode, or VGA mode. Then uninstall the Graphics Card Adapter in Device Manager, reboot normally and see if that fixes the problem.

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Will give it a try - was late last night when I was playing around and couldnt remember which function key It was! May even see if there is a recovery partition or something as it does have hard drive split into 3 partitions....Have been so busy doing too much at same time and not really accomplishing much the last few weeks and kids are helping me clean today so will have heaps to clean tonight when they go to bed as they are really making a mess of windows etc but its keeping them out of trouble - apart from all the sand they have dragged into house from their sandpit and the containers they have filled up with sand and stuck in the fridge? And thats just for starters!

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Okay just gave it a quick try - first time tried going into VGA mode and screen went again, tried again choosing some other option that was under boot devices>Hard drive, it came up and said couldnt find device, insert it and press enter (wasnt cd drive, ), I pressed return and it booted up, got as far as selecting which user, , and clicking on start, nearly getting mouse to control panel option and it went again!

Now when booting up the monitor is staying in standby...will give it a few hours and try again tonight....
Checked PSU and power is only 350W though fan on it is running fine. Not sure what kind it is - sticker says FSPGroup and another sticker says w/noise killer and side of case says AIRXL....

I do have a couple of other desktops but this is only one with wifi, and has the largest hard drive, and is fairly nippy.....would an option be to swap a graphics card out of one of the others and into this one,and if so, is it easy enough to do?!

Sounds like a weird intermittent fault. Try another V-card if you can, and if all works well then you know that is the issue.

Try it in the other machine and you might find it works fine. If not, check out warranty status as you may be able to swap it.

If it works fine in another PC but not in the current one, then its up to you what you want to do. If you want it back in the main desktop then you could try something like a system restore or a reinstall of the operating system, then you might find it starts working again. It could be a software or hardware issue, but it does sound like it is definitely graphics card related.

As far as I am aware it is highly unlikely it is related to the PSU, although there is always that possibility heh. Usually power supplies either work very well or refuse to work at all, the only middle ground I have ever encountered with them is not having enough juice in the first place. That usually is the case from day one though, it is not something that just happens on a random day in the future.

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Okay cheers will crack open a few desktops tonight after giving it another try,got a wifi card somewhere I can try putting in one of them too so if I do get one up and running may crack oen the laptop too as its a pain in butt not being able to plug anything into it...

Out of interest if I find my cds I got with the toshiba Satelitte, do you think they may solve the probs I am having with my lappy not loading\finding drivers for hardware which XP should have drivers for? Or do you think its down to my edimax wifi adaptor? Did try restoring laptop to a date a few weeks prior to when I put the edimax on after disconnecting it but it still wouldnt find any drivers when I plugged anything into usb's, and some I had successfully used before - cardreaders etc...around same time my kids had damaged my pci port by shoving my laptops wifi card into slot so only other thing I can think it is is the pci slot somehow - think its an A40 Satellite.....Thanks if you can give advice on this too!


Yeah I had a similar issue in a desktop PC and it rectified itself when we installed a USB PCI card. Everything else we tried failed. Unfortunately doing this on a laptop is probably an impossibility heh.

The best thing would be to do a clean install of Windows XP, or try Windows 7 (I keep hearing good things about it). The release candidate should be available from Windows next month for free.

The problem seemed to occur because of some sort of USB confliction, power related I believe. Some adapters can draw a lot of power from the USB interface and then smash out the USB drivers/registry because of fluctuations. The PC this happened on for me is rather old and lacks power much like a laptop would.

Now there could be a registry fix for this, but it will more than likely take longer fixing it this way than just reinstalling the OS. It is definitley a software related issue that is causing the problems, but more than likely it was a hardware issue that caused it to happen (too many USB adapters trying to draw to much power). Windows usually just turns them off but in rare cases it can just annihilate the system. Nobody's fault really just one of those random occurances.

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Guess I need to get my cd drive fixed so I can rebuild this laptop and see if that fixes it - its a pain in the butt as I need to sell stuff but cant get the photos I have taken sent to anyone who has asked for one cos I am out the road a bit, and cant access any photos I have on my desktop drive of some of the stuff!

What is up the the cd drive hehe?

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Just going to try downloading a universal download driver dvd and see if thats any helponce i get cd drive fixed! Worth a try but think I will have to rebuild it...probably needs it to be honest!

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Think I knocked a cable on it when installing memory and a new fan and computer says its not there every time I reboot!. Never done a laptop before and didnt realise memory was accessible on this via the keyboard side!

Would have been comical to watch if you were a fly on the wall but I did it rush cos I broke my other laptop by dropping it while speaking to my ex on my mobile while making a cup of coffee and taking my laptop through from my sisters kitchen where it had been charging to the living room Us females who think they can multitask! Anyway had to ressurect this one cos at time I had the parts for old laptop - had bought them and stuck them in a cupboard to do later,but didnt have a hard drive for the acer.
Now I cant remember whats worst with the other one so if I do okay with pc's and lappy tonight I might just have a few evenings of getting all pcs and laptops I have fixed and upgraded\or ram ordered! All depends on the toddlers as 4 year old is being a real pain just now - she kept her sister up till 2:15 one morning playing games and sneaking out of bed! Her latest trick is sending her sister down stairs to ask for stuff and silly little beggar does it every time!

Just confirm that the BIOS isn't finding the DVD-ROM before opening the laptop up. Although it sounds like its not working at all, it could be another software related issue with Windows.

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Great finally got round to checking my other desktops and neither of the other two have a separate graphics card - one is stuffed full of dust though but works. As its a PCI-E card (Medin Geforce 6610XL card I guess I need to buy another PCI-e card for it?!

One of my other pcs has a slot that looks like a pci-e but I guess I would need a power cable (think thats what it is?) for it and the one in original case is connected to the scart card (connector is a 9 pin and dnt have foggiest what cable I would need or where it should connect ! Have bid on one on fleabay exactly the same as one that was in it but may have t get an expert in to look at it if I try a new card and get same result! Ot at least smehow connect the HDD t one f the other pcs so I can access the data on it!

havent tried laptop yet but have fired up the non dusty pc so just away to check if its wireless, and if not put a wireless card in, share the drives and get the system info all output onto a file, and a copy put on my laptop too for backup!
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