Help! Mould in grain of kitchen worktop!

    We have solid oak worktops which are obviously waxed or varnished or whatever it is they do! One of us (I'm blaming him!) left a brillo pad by the sink and the next day it had left rust stains on the wood! I tried cleaning with normal cleaner and all that shizniz, but the only thing that worked was actually using the brillo pad to scrub the rust off, but that resulted in the varnish/wax coming off! Now there are spots of mould in the wood as there's nothing to protect it from the water from the sink and I don't know how to remove it! I'm worried that if I use bleach etc, it will discolour the wood or something but normal cleaners won't do anything!
    Anyone have any ideas? It's a patch around 4 inches wide so not massive!

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