Found 20th Mar 2007
Oh my god I have just got one foot on the property ladder and we move in on the 30th March.

However, we need EVERYTHING! I currently live in a part furnished flat so most of what we have is here. Sofas, kettles, fridge, freezer, dining table, plates, microwave, towels - ha ha, loads more - obviously we can't get it all as I haven't got that much money and we'll do without til we can save some more (sacrifice we have to make just to have got the deposit!) - but I have saved up some money so does anyone know of good places to get these things or anywhere having a sale, i can't think of where to look!

Any help appreciated... :-D

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Sing up to your local ]freecycle - you'd be amazed at what people offer and what requests are answered.

You might spend a few years with mix and match furniture, but if you're not fussy, it's possible to get by and get the mortgage reduced substantially:)


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Right I have signed up to freecyle and have about 100 emails already :-D - there are quite a lot of wanted postings aren't there. One woman wants an antique wrought iron garden table and chairs!

I'm happy to go the second hand or budget way for everything but the fridge and the sofas. I've never had brand new sofas before so i'm thinking of getting some - obviously they can't be too expensive - does anybody know whether DFS (or that sofa company where the bloke who used to be in Spandau Ballet advertises it) are good value for money.

I have looked on Ebay too and I shall be shopping at Argos for the basics. These were all good ideas so thank you. :thumbsup: Anyone else know anywhere having a sale for any household related items or somewhere thats generally good value for money?

have a look in tesco on there website, Im in the same boat as you, im moving house soon and im looking for things for things for the house aswell.

bhs are ggod when they have special 20% off days sure there will be some over easter

scs - is spandau ballet.... (they tend to be a little more expensive....)

dfs is fine and not too badly priced... however pushy salesman wanted me to take their sofa protection.... which i declined......

i got sent info through the post for a sale at dfs this weekend and a card for an extre £25 off everything i buy
could just say you left the card at home i have never even brought from them in the past

Hi, when me and my boyfriend moved from a furnished flat to an unfurnished flat in November we found ourselves in a situation very similar to you.

I shall let you know what we did!

Ikea. I know that people laugh at ikea but it is so good for cheap which is also nice.

We got - one sofa for £180, a sofa bed for £80, bed with mattress £190, waredrobe £80, big chest of drawers £60, two massive bookcases £30 each!

Then once we had the basics we built up little bits each month...we got a sideboard for £30 from a second hand shop, a coffee table which my dad found in his shed!, an extra hand down waredrobe from my mum, a tv stand for £4 from ebay!

I think for elecricals Tesco is good but also check out you local reconditioned electrical shops, my brother got his fridge and washing machine from one in southend who delivered for free same day just coz it was local.

Hope that helps!

ive used comet clearance and argos clearance to get alot of my things. i think the washing machine i got was a £110 cheaper than its in comet.

If you can wait til Easter W/end for sofas most of these companies do loss leaders to get you in the store. Remember that any sofas often take about 8 weeks for delivery.

Cant beat ikea!

Ikea is great for everything from cutlery and plates to furniture. Tesco and Asda are also pretty good, Tesco has a new catalogue out, saw it advertised on TV last night

the tesco catalogue has loads of house things in, its just like the argos cat really

Our sofa was from IKEA and it was better than the hugely expensive DFS equivalant.

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Are the comet clearance and argos clearance auction places? Did you get a good deal? & 7stone4 - I'm moving to Southend, where was this store!?

thanks so much for the replies, given me some ideas anyway Jo


Are the comet clearance and argos clearance auction places? Did you get … Are the comet clearance and argos clearance auction places? Did you get a good deal? & 7stone4 - I'm moving to Southend, where was this store!?thanks so much for the replies, given me some ideas anyway Jo

It was on Victoria know as you drive into southend..when the lanes get very narrow up the hill (before the few sets of traffic lights that are near southend victoria station). Well its on the right there. Cant remember what it was called sorry:)

Have you looked in your local charity shops there is a St Lukes Hospice shop near me and they have loadsa cheap furniture they won't have any electricals I think though. But bookcases, beds, cupboards, sofas are all cheap and in decent condition as well.

Ikea is brilliant! can get klippan sofa covers in many colours and just get the sofa and change the covers to whatever suits your room...

Its a good idea to pop into their bargains section I managed to get a set of drawers for £30 when they should have been £70+ all because it had a small chip on it at the back...

Ikea is ideal for a starter as you can get many items all co-ordinated for a really good price, which when you have more money you dont feel so bad replacing them with more expensive bargains from HUKD at a later date!...:thumbsup:

Remember its also only a few months to Argos and other catalogues change over to autumn winter likely to find a few bargains then too...

Another good place to try is homebase etc as they often have furniture bargains



If you are going to ikea, go in the back door. Get some food first, and then check out the bargains. If you go against the flow and back wards it makes more sense pyshcologically and you spend your money better... small items fisrt, bigs ones after.

I bought my first house in January and managed to catch all of the sales. In edinburgh the property market is a funny one, and there really is no quiet period in terms of demand. I moved house for £40 with a van and a man + 4 friends. My surveyor was only £150 and my lawyers fees £700 - Kevin McClusky at VMH - I'd recommend him to anyone. I didnt pay any mortgage fees, and got a price garauntee on my mortgage from ]http//ww….uk. I found freecycle agressive, time consuming and that people who i felt needed the stuff more where after it. There were also clearly some vultures.

Ikea does do a house moving set, which is practicallly everyting under the sun that you could need ]ikea start box set but im going to stop with them there. Tesco Direct I prefer for some house items such as draws and organisers, and they have had some amazing deals in the past. Homebase sale was great for king size bed and ortho matress £360 all in!

My big point is this - CHARITY SHOPS - I got most of the things for my flat from the bethany shop. I got a glass table and 6 designer chairs for £80, mirrors pictures the odd glass, hoover, throws you name it, charity shops have it. Tips are to go to affluent areas, early on saturday morning and really plan to go every saturday for a few weeks. Not sure what it is like in London but Edinburgh it is excellent market still and you are helping charity which is all good. I got my first home for less than £1000 fees, and £1000 for goods.

Hope this inspires somebody... J


Oh yeah avoid sales that arent really sales! Use your head and shop around.

]homebase sales items look ok

oh yeah, buy some quality pots and pans. you are going to use these everyday, and £70 now is going to make life much less sticky!!!
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