Help - MSN Problem?

    Ive been logged into my MSN account all day today and suddenly had like 20+ MSN adds pop up, so I added some to find out who they were and one told me that "I" was giving my address out on some internet chat site (Isketch?) and that everyone was adding me off that.

    I went on there and confronted the person doing it, who was saying it was their email address, and then shocked me by saying "My name is __________ " and actually said my whole name and then followed that up by mentioning the names of my friends, college, the fact that im going to the pub tomorrow and that it is a pound a pint, and then mentioned a girl ive spoken to on there for ages who is a waitress and said that she had waited on his table recently, showing he knows about her, and her job. (ive not told anyone i know really about her so it cant just be a prank).

    What do you think has happened here? And what do you think I can/should do about it?



    I think that the person may have planted a trojan on your pc and acquired your login to msn along with viewing your chats....update your anti virus software defninitions and do a full scan of your pc.....also use a different pc and change the passwords to your account and any others that you might feel comprimised.

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    Ive done a full Norton scan and just had one "Tracking Cookie"?
    Ive changed my password on my laptop which is what I mainly use so should I go change it on another computer again?

    Ive deleted any random people on my contacts who I didnt know who added me aswell. Will this clear it up?

    Apparently a friend of mine had a private conversation with the person in question who said they have a scam on which means they get to view the computer 24 hours a day forever if they wish? Is this true?

    Probably found you on Facebook

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    Probably found you on Facebook

    Havent got my email address on there, nor the girl in question, or the names of my friends they mentioned

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    Any more advice?
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