Help my computer going crazy!

    Hi fir sone reason my computer is shutting it self off, also when I click on my favs the list goes all flickery, I've just tried to reformat and it's doing the same thing not even giving me time to click on next etc when installing, not sure how to fix this one or Anything


    Check the fans, sounds as if it is overheating.

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    Fans seem to be ok

    Sounds like your graphics card may have died.

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    Sounds like your graphics card may have died.

    Is there a way to check the temps of my gfx card?


    as long as you dont have a case full of dust, and you can see the fans going round,, then temperatures are not the issue

    if it is fine now you have formatted, it was probably a corrupted windows and it wash crashing, and automatically shutting down

    if all seems well, then your fine
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