HELP my internet connection/modem is crap

    hi can someone give me unbiased advice need to buy a modem that will actually send a strong signal around the whole of my house and not drop out if farts end.


    Who are you with? Is it cable? What is your bandwidth?

    I had the same problem and blagged a new (free) wireless router from my ISP retention dept by calling up and asking for my mac code.:p New router is a Thomson 585 v8 and has solved the problem. Excellent or Good signal available all over house now.

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    phone your isp
    i know o2 limit signal range as i phoned them with two different modem to increase the range

    Try 11.n instead of 11.g technology, it may help. I use that on the BT home hub (I assume it only works with BT as the ISP), works fine around the house and at the end of the garden 30m away.

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    Who are you with? Is it cable? What is your bandwidth?

    i am on orange asdl 8meg probably getting 6-8 meg. i am presently using a netgear 834gt
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