help!!! my keyboard is broken

    hi i'm having a bizzare problem with my keyboard. everytime i press the spacebar, it automatically types an i and starts a new line...

    dunno what's going on but it's annoying!

    any suggestions?


    I've not seen that happen before. Does this happen in every program that accepts text input (eg Word, your web browser, email etc) ?

    Does it still happen after restarting windows? Do you have a spare keyboard you could try?

    Have any liquids been spilt on the keyboard? Are all the other keys working fine?

    Also, a descriptive thread title gives you a much better chance of getting assistance.


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    Also, a descriptive thread title gives you a much better chance of … Also, a descriptive thread title gives you a much better chance of getting assistance.John

    sorry i'm typing on the on screen keyboard, and its difficult to string long sentences. restart didn't work buti also don't have another keyboard :?

    Not trying to alarm you but do you have an anti-virus and/or anti-spyware installed and also run them recently to do a scan?

    Try using a program such as System Restore which will take your PC back to an earlier date. As long as files have been saved it won't affect any that you have created since having problems with your keyboard.

    same happened to me on laptop, though the letter that was typing was letter e. We tried scans etc but infact it was a sticky key due to maybe something being tipped in there. have you cleaned out and around the keys? could be something stuck in there. I ended up having to buy a new keyboard and fitted it in lappy.

    Was gonna say the same as nick.

    Or go into device manager

    With XP: Start> Control panel> System> Hardware[I think]> Device manager

    And uninstall your drivers for your keyboard. Restart and hopefully that'll fix it.

    Vista: Search for Device manager.

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    thanks guys i'll try those things

    btw its a belkin bluetooth set, dunno if that makes any difference

    Try what i said first, if that fails, try nicks method.

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    ok ur method didn't work t0mm! will try nick's now

    I'll keep looking for you, sorry I couldnt be a better help.

    Have you got anything stuck under the spacebar, a paper clip for example

    Put the keyboard on its end and give it a few hard taps on the back. Any debries inside should fall to the end and away from the keys.


    If it's a wireless keyboard that is close to another wireless setup, you may be getting inteference from the other device.

    Try movie the kit apart and see if that works, or switch the channel on one of the devices.

    You might like to consider this ]http//ww…ard little beauty as an alternative?? Whether or not you are supposed to - i've:oops: gently levered off the key pads with a teaspoon, and used a cotton bud and spirit to clean underneath ( husbands pc - not my laptop:whistling:

    Yeah, ft it's a desktop PC (not laptops!!!!) then you can just pop the keys off... i should warn you though that the space bar, return key and any other larger keys are more difficult to pop back on than the letters, so start with the letters first.

    Pop them off and have a look to see if there's any cleaning you can do underneath.

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    ok popping the keys off just hasn't worked and i daren't try any harder!
    i've now run a full virus scan etc in safemode, tried system restore and i don't think its a sticky key because rather than randomly typing the letter i, it seems everytime i press the spacebar, someone else presses i and return like some whacked out macro!

    Sounds more like a hardware fault.

    Go and buy another keyboard.

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    well i rang belkin and they're sending out another one for me...
    thanks for the help guys!
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