help my laptop screen is upside down

    I'm sure I have posted this before when my daughter done it before, I'm sure she has pressed a button when I left the room, so does anyone no how to get my laptop screen up the right way?? hope this makes sense:S rep will be left many thanks


    Lol, press ctrl, alt and up arrow at same time :giggle:

    try CTRL, ALT and UP

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    great thanks!! will remember this for next time rep left

    Yeah use Ctrl+Alt+the Upward Arrow key either that or use a USB keyboard and mouse so you can use the laptop upside down lol

    oops boy posted while i was typing

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    thanks guys rep left for you all

    you can actually stop that from happening in the graphics options somewhere.

    Have you tried handstands?

    Right click desktop > Graphics Properties > DIsplay Settings and untick the "Enable Rotation" checkbox. That should stop it happening again :thumbsup:
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