Help my mom out with sim card for her cruise please

    Hey guys

    My mom is going on a cruise in a few weeks.

    Crusing to Dubai and back to Majorca.

    What is the best tariff to be on?, with who or do I buy her some other sim card?

    Her phone is Vairy Touch, unlocked

    Thank you to anyone who replied.


    Original Poster

    I know that


    We're not in America.Also there are no phone masts in the sea.HTH.


    see if the cruise ship is on this list for tmobile as ship will have a mast/system to use cell phones aboard albeit @ a very high per minute cost.…spx…sea
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    Carrier pigeon is your mums best hope

    My girlfriend had a Kindle and facebooked me a lot. It had 3g signal even when out to sea! which was impressive! Although, I cannot guarantee she will get signal

    Do they have free wireless Internet on cruises?
    If so, if she has a smart phone, then get her to download viber or skype and make free calls with that.
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