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    A friend sent me a few seed packets last year and I planted them but these I lost the name of so I'm having trouble keeping them healthy. Most likely they should be out side but they were not doing well so now the are in the kitchen. The was a small flower and when that dropped it left a small black ball. As I've gown them from seed and they are over a foot tall now I need to know what they are so I can keep them healthy. At the moment it seem like they are over watered as the leaves have gone from darkish green to very pale green but that is not likely.


    Have you also asked in a plant forum as well

    It could be a french bean or pepper plant.

    Do you remember what the seeds looked like?

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    It could be a french bean or pepper plant.Do you remember what the seeds … It could be a french bean or pepper plant.Do you remember what the seeds looked like?

    I don't think it's a veg plant, I think the seed was little round black balls like pepper seeds. The seem is tree like so I suspect it's going to be a bush if it survives :-)

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    I sent the image of to a plant identification app and they came back Sun Flower FFS! that was a free try another would cost a pound so I don't think so.

    Honestly the photos aren't too good and the plant looks like it's dying so it's really hard to say.
    If it looked like a sweet/chilli pepper seed then that's your answer, you won't know until it's fruiting (end of the season so it will before it fruits)

    If you mean pepper corn then I have no idea.

    It may be a variety of buzzing Lizzie but not standard one or yes a very underfed chilli. It desperately needs some seaweed feed or something like vitax, give it something even if some tomato liquid feed will help it. When a plant turns yellow it needs a feed.

    Could it be a small datura????

    Is it some sort of buddleja?

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    I give it some food, be back in a few days if it perks up with better images.

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    Is it some sort of buddleja?

    That's not a bad call, I don't think it has the long funnel of flowers but the foliage[img]…jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1407092891243[/img] is similar and it could be this type

    Definitely doesn't look like a pepper plant. I've been growing a pepper plant for around 4-5 months and doesn't look like the pictures.
    The yellowish leaves male it look like it is dying.

    From experience yellowing leaves can be caused by over/under watering (soggy roots) best off asking in a plant forum..
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