Help - my sons mpoed battery is flat

    Any ideas what I can do!!!!
    Have tried to jump start it but not worked>



    new battery, just a thought

    at a guess id say buy a new one.....!!


    new battery, just a thought

    Don't give too much away!!


    You can buy cheap battery rechargers but it would make sense to buy another.

    You need some magic beans.

    I have some for sale if you are interested.

    it should have just jump started via car batt and jumper cables if that didnt work there is most prob another fault


    flat battery eh buy a square 1

    Make sure its a 12V battery if you try and jump start it as most mopeds used to to use 6V electrics so you need a 6V charger if you try using a 12V one the battery will probably blow up/catch fire. I the battery is old it may be just as well to replace it
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