Help! my Wharfedale DVD recorder has lost freeview!

Found 9th Oct 2008
Dear forum members I hope you can help.
I purchased a Wharfedale DVD recorder with 80Gb hard drive and built in freeview receiver a little while ago DVDRHD400F. Some of you may remember it was a Hot Deal from BigPockets. Anyway it seems to lost it's Freeview ability i can still play discs or previously recorded programs from the HD but on Tuner it just displays error code E3750 on the display. I have looked at manual - no error codes listed. i have tried reset factory defaults -- no luck. i have googled error code but nothing on any forum i can find and i have tried the good old turn it off and wait then on...
has anyone got any other ideas/experience?
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Discussion about the problem here…ht=

Also someone else found a faulty scart was causing the probs apparently.
Sorry to say, but I think it might have died. Apparently some freeview boxes update over the air at night (install new software). There have been hundreds of reports that the software destroyed the box.…xes

This happened to me about two years ago with a Philips DTB.
Thanks to Syzable & Predikuesi fro their replies (Rep added).
looks like i am stuck with a dead box... sooo annoying
If it is due to the software upgrade then you can do it yourself but its difficult, I believe you have to had a modded scart cable that connects the reciever to pc via usb then manually download the update from pc to box that way but its likely hard to do.
Cheers Ryouga. you are right though it does sound difficult
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