HELP N95 what is different

    i have read on here that if you buy a N95 on vodafone or orange then you lose alot of features.

    what type of features is it that you will lose if you buy on these networks please as i dont have a clue.

    cheers for all your help in advance


    you dont lose anythin

    the feature you loose is having loads of battery power !!
    use it one day and its dead by night

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    on another post it says that if you buy on vodafone they cripple it with there own software and you need to get firmware but that invalidates the warrenty

    now what is that all about coz i have no clue

    You lose the ability to make VOIP calls, and you get lots of crappy software installed

    Yea, try not to get a Voda one, they brand it with loads of [email protected]

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    what are VOIP call and what kinda stuff is put on it just so i know cheers

    Ditto...I also want to know about the VOIP as have just bought one which is unlocked will be coming 2moro.

    I think its how you can make free calls over the net? But can we use our homenetworks which would then indeed be free or do we need to use the net thru the network provider which would cost a fair bit?

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    still looking for the answers what is it that vodafone put on there that is so bad

    looking to buy 1 best deals are with vodafone but just wanna know the problems about it with them cheers

    VOIP = skype = 1p a minute to most landlines in the world. It uses internet bandwidth instead of standard voice protocols. Hence "Voice Over IP"

    That's why orange and vodafone cripple this feature.

    Hope this helps!

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    yeah that does cheers but what other software is it that they are putting on it that makes it so bad like i have heard others say??

    hope you can help me on this 1


    after you do the firmware update just change the product code back to the original so it does'NT avoid warranty.
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