Help name a dog grooming business

Found 14th Jan 2010
My mum is looking to start a dog grooming business and she's struggling with coming up with a good name for it

anyone have any good ideas?
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Pretty Puppies

clean K9s
Pampered Pooches
flea bits
pampered poochs

(snap lol)
Doggy Style
k9 cuties TM
Handwashed Hounds
Mucky Pups
Degreased Dogs
We will wash your dogs for money
Hygienic Hounds!
Hose your Hounds
happy hounds
Woof & Ready



Doggy Style

How about K9 CUTS ?
the mutz nutz
From Wags to Riches
Dog gone clean
Short Bark and Sides

Posh Paws

Mutt Cuts

Wash and Wag

Scrufts to Crufts

dapper dogs/z

From Wags to Riches

Or............From Wags to Bitches :-D
Dirty Doggies, Pampered Pooches, K9 Care
shampooch boutique
The lazy persons dog cleaner
Woof n Ready
pick something that starts with a... people often start at the begining in the phone book or yellow pages and work down! i run a creche and we called it angels and monsters for that reason! weve had a few calls because were first in a directory!
Pimp my pooch?
Close Encounters of the Fur'd Kind.
Mutz Kutz, one near Dingle and always makes me laugh when going past.

Stylo Pupp
loving the puns, keep 'em coming!
K9QT or QTK9
doggie style
Paws for thought
Potty on Pets
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