help need 3 high chairs!

    any1 know of any good highchair deals i need 3,i want something like a tripp trapp or dan chair but cheaper!!:)


    I have the tripp trapp, and can recommend it 100%. There's £10 off a £100 at mothercare at the mo (details posted on this forum), so if you do that a few times it would help bring the price down. But I'll see if I can find the tripp trapp any cheaper.


    I'm intrigued why you need three, have you just had triplets?

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    lol,i have 5 kids,want the chairs for 4,2,and 2 month old,they have been sitting on my dining room chairs but they are wrecking them!

    ^I was wondering that, too!

    There are lots of places selling them for £99 with free delivery - eg…buy

    Perhaps best to give them a ring and see if they'll do a bulk-buy discount?

    Or there's a good offer on the whole set here:…014
    I think you can also use quidco with kiddycare (although I could be wrong!)

    Or, you could always go via eb*y if you aren't in a rush ...

    Argos have one for £20 - item number 3759468. We've used a couple of different ones (including this one) and they all advantages and disadvantages.

    The good points for this one is that its easy to clean, the tray is easily removed (to get child in more easily), the tray can be moved close to childs body (minimise spills) and it can be adjusted as the child grows.

    Main down point is that it doesn't fold up.

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    i have seen some on fleabay for £150 for 3 they arent tripp trapp they are called bendy the bent chair they are similar but thought it was worth asking if there are any other deals out there?thanks 4 help

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    yes i have had 1 of them b4 thanks but doesnt fit under our table very well and we only have a small dining room so wanted something more compact thanks

    Try Cosykid on fleabay they have some for sale in the auctions, they do returns I ordered a seconds mattress and it was good.

    Hope that helps:thumbsup:

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    just looked ,they dont have any high chairs thanks anyway


    Can I suggest, I have been through the spend an absolute fortune on baby equipment stage, and we used the chair for about 2 weeks and then it got moved to the loft.

    We used two of ]these from Argos.

    They fold down and fit easily into a boot of a car for going away, and they strap onto the dining chairs. Easy to keep clean.

    I would also recommend buying some wipe clean fabric and a staple gun from 'The Range', both available for less than £20. For these early years they will destroy your fabric on the dining chairs. In hindsight I wish I had bought just plain wooden chairs (they dont look as nice though).

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    i have 1 of them for my 2 year old but the chair wont go under the table and sticks outi have mexican pine dining chairs which do not have padded seats and they have become stained from food,drinks etc and my chairs are not the easiest to clean as they are not coated and seem pouros,the tripp trapp style can last a child till adulthood and seem to be easy to keep clean,i know im fussy!!thanks 4 help

    :thumbsup: If you look under this they have two on auction

    via fleabay

    Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair Natural Pine

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    oh,didnt see them b4!will watch them no doubt they will go up sky high dont fancy paying 300 on high chairs could buy a new table 4 that!thanks

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    just seen stylish funky design high chair on fleabay or bendy high chair may bid on one of them instead they look good and are cheaper!

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