help need a funny quote to put on the front of a leaving card

    My mums made a card for a guy thats leaving her section at work to join another section. so far its got a pic of garfield stood on odie and it needs a quote or something to go above it. any ideas?


    Good Riddance! :giggle:

    Has it got to be funny? A few nice words about guy? Just a thought

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    Good Riddance! :giggle:

    good start lol
    im going bed now, doesnt have to be done till tomorrow night so I will check tomorrow and im sure there will be some gooduns
    could do with being funny for the front, nice stuff can go on the inside
    doesnt have to be rude (although id like to hear them anyway coz itl make us chuckle if nothing else) just something to go with the pic really

    Thank you for leaving, now we have some one to blame for everything that goes wrong in the next 2 months

    Working hear is like weeing your self while wearing dark pants, you get a warm felling all over but no one notices you ahve done anything - hope you new post s better

    Leaving!!!!! did you work here?


    Leaving!!!!! did you work here?


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    keep em coming please

    Sorry to hear you're leaving Fred, At last, you've found the escape button on your keyboard!


    hmmm we will have to find someone else to bitch about :w00t:
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