Can anyone point me in the right direction I am after a decent router to run 2 laptopa, pc,wii and xbox live. The one we have is a thomson through our provider which is Pipex. We should be getting upto 8meg but only seem to get upto 5 meg at the best of times.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you XXXXXX


    Phone your ISP, say your 'THINKING ABOUT LEAVING' as Bt (virgin however) giving you the same connection with FREE ROUTER.
    They give you one for free, to keep your business (as costs them about 5 quid for standard router bought in bulk)

    the best wireless signal is N rating which is 108bps a sec (i think), but mosty devices can only take G which is 54mbps... you will need to check what rating your laptops have and then buy one so all the devices will work on it (im sure xbox and wii use G as well) to get the best signal via wireless i would buy homeplug kits and use them instead

    they send the internet connection via the electric circuit in the house and can do 200mbps

    It's more likely going to be your distance from the exchange. Unless you live on the doorstep and cabling is short, you won't get the top speed.

    Go to [url][/url] and check your distance from the exchange.

    Additionally, Wireless G may be 54Mbps but in truth you'll see about 26Mbps.

    now divide that number between the amount of devices connected to the wireless router at the same time (possibly 5?), you'll looking about 5mbps per device.

    With wi-fi, you share the bandwidth when you connect to the same device - you don't get 54meg each for instance.

    The bottleneck in your connection is the upstream/downstream connection to your ISP. I would use a speed tester to check your upstream and downstream links:…tml

    Do this test at various times of the day and compare test results. If your figures vary wildly it more that likely is due to contention on the link (ie a lot of people using the connection at the same time). If it is constant then it is a geographic limitation as pointed out by a previous poster.


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    Thanks for your help guys will investigate more XXX
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