Help! Need a Vostro 1000 battery for my laptop

    Hey guys
    I keep getting a message from my laptop saying the battery life is coming to an end and needs replaced. I got my laptop over 2 years ago, I got the battery replaced last year but at the time I remember it costing around £20 mark. I have been looking online and they are all £40-£50 which cant really afford :s
    Can anyone recommend a good website where I can get one?
    Thanks in advance
    Ps when I googled it, some searches threw up Inspiron, this isnt an inspiron laptop, just a Vostro 1000 (think its 6 cell battery)


    the vostro 1000 is the same as one of the earlier inspirons, when i replaced mine it cost £30 from fleabay

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    hey thanks
    is that 6 cell??

    Original Poster

    hey - i had a look on ebay - will this one work for me?


    yes that one will work. i bought mine from the fleabay shop of batteries4laptops i bought mine in feb and its still going strong whereas i usually wear them out every 4 months or so as i use it constantly and its not used in the "proper" manner, even my dell original only lasted 6 months lol
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