HELP! need an idiots guide to get My PS3 connection to Nat Type 2

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Found 17th May 2008
I didn't even realise untill i read a post about the different Nat types, so i decided to check mine out on me PS3 and found i had the crap type 3! So ive Googled the problem and tbh its going right over my head lol!

So can any of you decent chaps/gals on here give me pointers on what to do? also ive got a hangover from hell so my brain at this moment in time is probably in Siberia.

Anyway here is my set up and thx to all who can help a Northern monkey!:

Linksys wireless router model WRT55AG
20 meg Virgin bb connection
Win XP pro

P.s. ive read that you can only get a Nat Type 1 conn with an ethernet cable, is this true? i actually have a cable so i maybe could route it round the dining room if the router is a no go.


have you looked for the latest firmware for your router?

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Aha! no i haven't, d'oh totally forgot about updating >
cheers Red and gl on getting that Dance Dance, i know you have been after that since i had mine for sale!!

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Updated from the Linksys site and its still at Type bloody 3!

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Cheers butt

No worries! Worked a treat for me

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Can't seem to get the 2 DNS server numbers up when i click on Find Static IP Addresses on the web page, comes up undefined etc etc.

Oops my bad its in the command box, only thing is is that it only shows one whilst the guy on the website has 2?
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