HELP Need an Internet phone with IM capabilities and lots of data allowance on contract

    Currently Im stuck in a orange contract that does not provide the internet and data I wanted/needed.

    Luckily i have managed to blag them down to £25 a month so I am looking for a "proper" contract that does what I need so i can sell off my current phone to pay for the remaining orange contract.

    What I need is:

    - a phone that handles the internet well, none of this mobile friendly internet site rubbish, it needs to be "proper" internet functionality.

    - Able to run MSN messenger either as msn software or third party app.

    - I need minutes more than texts, currently I use about 400-800 mins on my orange magic number calling my fiancee at uni but I only use about 50 texts tops a month.

    - GPS and map software (don't need sat nav voice directions) for walking about new places and looking things up etc would be a very welcome bonus.

    - And obviously a true unlimited internet bundle (Not like orange's poor excuse for it )

    Contenders so far I have found myself is:

    T-Mobile G1 on Flext35 with free WnW plus @ £31.50 a month

    Iphone 3G 8gb on O2 with F&F discount @ £31.50 a month

    Is anyone able to find or suggest better deals for me? Would HUGELY appreciate any help and info you guys/gals can offer me.

    I did have an idea of going for the Iphone contract, selling the iphone to buy an unlocked G1, has anyone else used an unlocked G1? Will it work well on O2 and still receive updates? And what are the pros/cons of doing this?

    Thanks for taking the time to read

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