Help - need backup disc for Advent K1301P bought from PC World

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Found 7th Nov 2010
Does anyone looking at this have a backup disc for the ADVENT K1301P or know were I can get one for my mother - she bought this about 20 mths ago, and when it was just a month out of warrenty it got a bug and crashed (which is amazing as she doesnot even know how to go onto the internet!)

Unfortunately, she is not able to find the disc I did a while before, and whilst we have managed to get it running again, it is now an autistic computer - it only recognises it's own world and not the internet - both for wifi and ethalnet - whilst PC World want to charge a fortune to 'restore' it......but as my mother had just retired,this seems expensive.. (as much as a second hand computer!)
She has now had my laptop for 5 months, and I would like it back, but that would leave her a bit isolated (when I am trying to get her to be a silver surfer and give her something to do!)
Please help!
Will be happy to pay for the cost of a cd disc and postage!...
Thank you


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Thanks mumbojumbo - as we have already managed to get someone to do most of the recovery, it is just to get the internet part sorted - when we try to get it to connect to the internet it states
Internet Explorer was closed
To help protect your computer, Data execution prevention has closed internet explorer.

as I said, a slightly autistic computer...

connect via an ethernet and install all updates.

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Hi shanecr, it will not recognise ethernet - although it is on the system
It really cannot seem to recognise any other computers!
My brother says it is really weird, and it is only by factory setting it that we may be able to get it to work, but as the system seems to have lost it's ability to find the factory settings (despite having been assured by the sales people that it was in a seperate drive and should never have a problem fnding it's factory setting)
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