Found 16th Nov 2009
Right I'm going out next Tuesday, the theme is 'Famous People' or 'Film Characters ' ( I can pick!)

Only thing is I wear glasses, so wanna have a costume that has glasses :P lol

I have tried looking on google myself but can't find nothing I like!

Also as i'm sort of new here and I dunno how to rep people? Help on that too if possible? and once I know how, rep will be given to best costume ideas lol



harry potter, clark kent, dame edna, harry hill......

If you can't find nothing, then I guess you're sorted?

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lol, thanx, but i need a female costume :P

There is only one person to go as..... obviously.


lol, thanx, but i need a female costume :P


To give rep look to the left of your avatar

see the symbol like scales

click it

[COLOR="Purple"]'wheres wally'[/COLOR]


[COLOR="Purple"]'wheres wally'[/COLOR]

in the police thread :giggle:

Lord Helmchen of Spaceballs (Dark helmet he was called in the English version I think). May the Schwarz be with you!

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lol thanx for all the suggestions :P

my friend just recommended ann robinson

What do you look like? Post a piccie.
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