Help need regarding pre order


    I was wondering if sommebody could please help me ?

    I pre ordered kinect back in July on the hut website for £135 along with kinect i would recieve kinect advntures and dance central and with me placing an order that early i was to recieve my order on launch day.

    I was one of the first people to order kinect as i ordered it the same day as it was put on the site and today i recieved a email from the hut stating that i would not be getting it on launch as they were putting other people before me and that i might recieve it the week commencing the 15th November.

    So i was wondering if they can do this ? no money as been taken as yet but when i pre ordered it i pre ordered it on the intenstions i had it on launch , I am really angry at the moment because if i knew i wasnt going have it at launch i would not have pre ordered it from there and now they have left it late in telling me . i cant find any good deals and places seem to have sold out / cant guarentee launch day.



    send them an email letting them know how **** off you are and cancel your order, just place an order with sum1 else

    they lose out on your business and you should be able to get it from somewhere else no?

    shame theyve changed this and ruined it for you but dont let it **** u off too much

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    proper peed off about it. the only snag is that the deal was really good and there isnt anyone who has a deal like it. as i say i ordered this the day it went live on the site and it said pre order for delivery on the 10th november.
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